Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nine Favorite Movie Trailers

The Big Sleep

A Little Romance

Miracle on 34th Street

Eyes Wide Shut
Real Life

The Matrix
Anne of Green Gables

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Selected Cinemagraphs

Cinemagraphs are still images that contain within themselves living elements allowing a glimpse of time to be experienced and preserved. Cinemagraph is a technique of blending the effects of images and videos. It was introduced by a New York fashion photographer Jamie Beck, in collaboration with motion graphics designer Kevin Burg. Since then, many other designers have created similar forms of cinemagraphs. Cinemagraphs are typically simply created as animated .gif files making them easy to use on a web page.











Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nine Famous Protest Songs

Joe Hill
Bread and Roses (from a poem by James Oppenheim)
Deportee (lyrics by Woody Guthrie)

All You Fascists Bound to Lose (written by Woody Guthrie)
If I Had a Hammer (written by Pete Seeger and Lee Hayes)

The Times Are a Changing (written by Bob Dylan)
Ohio (written by Neil Young)

Give Peace A Chance (written by John Lennon)
Down in Mississippi (written by J B Lenoir)

What's Going On (written by Renaldo "Obie" Benson, Al Cleveland, and Marvin Gaye)

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bathers at La Grenouillère by Claude Monet

Portrait of Monet by Pierre-Auguste Renior

Bathers at La Grenouillère by Claude Monet
Oil on canvas sketch painted in 1869 (73 x 92 cm)

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Youth Orchestras from Around the World

YOA Orchestra of the Americas in Senegal (Deborah Wamderley) from a film by Pablo Levinas

National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain (West Side Story Mambo)

Youth Orchestra of Bahia (Nimrod from Elgar's Enigma Variations)

Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra (from Sibelius's Symphony No.2 conducted by Sir Colin Davis)

The Australian Youth Orchestra at the 2010 BBC Proms. Shostakovich's 10th Symphony conducted by Sir Mark Elder

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Doug Sahm - The Texas Tornado (1941-1999)

Doug Sahm
Is Anyone Goin' to San Antone
Tell Me the Truth

Rollin' Rollin' (first record in 1955) 

Beautiful Texas Sunshine
She's About A Mover

Adios Mexico (with the Texas Tornados)

Interview with Doug Sahm

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Researcher Brene´Brown

Brene Brown

The Power of Vulnerability - (TED)

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Songwriter/Bassist Jack Bruce

Jack Bruce
Rope Ladder to the Moon

Ships in the Night (with Maggie Reilly and Eric Clapton)

Lives of Clay (with Robin Trower)

Never Tell Your Mother She's Out of Tune

Edesia - Fighting World Hunger

About Edesia

Clinton Global Initiative Report

Edesia's mission is to treat and prevent malnutrition for the most vulnerable in the developing world through Ready-to-Use Foods and other locally appropriate solutions.
young girls
Our vision is a world in which all people have access to the basic human right of food and nutrition. To assure that vulnerable individuals no longer suffer and die needlessly from malnutrition – a completely preventable condition. To treat children as our own, and give them the life-saving tools to overcome malnutrition and thrive. We act now, because the cost of inaction is too great.
1. Produce high-quality ready-to-use foods (currently Plumpy'nut® , Supplementary'Plumpy®, Plumpy'doz®and Nutributter®) for humanitarian organizations and non-profits.
2. Collaborate on research and development to improve distribution systems and optimize the use of ready-to-use foods.
3. Support local producers of ready-to-use foods in the developing world.
4. Engage in educational efforts and direct advocacy to raise the profile of global malnutrition.
Edesia recognizes the complexity of addressing hunger globally. Nutrition for young children, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, people living with HIV/AIDS, and other vulnerable populations is part of larger and more complex problems. Addressing education, agriculture and policy change must also be a part of the solution.
Edesia supplies product for organizations working in emergency situations as well as standard nutrition programming. In recognition that treating the most severe cases is not a permanent solution, Edesia also supplies products for and is an advocate of preventative approaches
Edesia cannot do this alone. Edesia believes in collaboration and communication and works with a number of organizations and research institutions to ensure that a multi-faceted approach to alleviating malnutrition is being pursued. Edesia is always looking for opportunities to develop new partnerships and move toward long-term sustainable solutions.
Moving ahead, research will play an essential role in innovative prevention. Edesia is engaged inresearch and development to continue to identify targeted solutions that meet the specific needs of global populations and increase the distribution systems and effectiveness of these life-saving products.

Edesia is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Our work is guided by our mission and vision. Everything we do reflects the urgency to act now to have  a lifelong impact on children’s lives.
To partner with Edesia e-mail

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