Monday, February 7, 2011

Selected Haiku

Selected Haiku Old and New

old pond
a frog jumps into
the sound of water

Wake! The sky is light!
  let us to the road
Companion butterfly!

Cold night: the wild duck
sick, falls from the sky
  and sleeps awhile.

coming back--
so many pathways
through the spring grass

thinking of you
I go up on the hill
and wander

a summer river being crossed
how pleasing with sandals
in my hand!

retreating waves
pull the world from
beneath my feet
(Robert Mestre)

father's pride-
ducks watch my daughter
pretend to be a duck
(Robert Mestre)

staying on the beach
so long it forgets
I am here
(Jane Reichhold)

asleep on the sand
the smell of sea
in my hand
(Jane Reichhold)

Autumn loneliness
finding your postcard
from Manhattan

Story-telling art
Lives on in Nigeria
Just check your e-mail
(John, Cho)

round lumps of cells grow
up to love porridge  later
become The Supremes
(Anselm Hollo)

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