Thursday, November 3, 2011

Setsuko Hara - The Eternal Virgin

Atarashiki Tsuchi (The New Earth/Daughter of the Samurai)  (1937)

Clip of filming of Akira Kurosawa's No Regrets for Our Youth (1946)
From You Tube comments:
According to the narration, this footage was shot by a member of the American Survey Team. It seems GHQ/SCAP was interested in Japanese filmmaking to some extent. Many Americans saw the shooting of K's previous film. One was John Ford. K didn't know it at the time (though F was his idol), and F didn't know who K was either. Years later, at a film festival reception in London, F told K about it and you can imagine Ks amazement. I really wonder how F saw K's shooting style. Murderous Ink

"This film was taken by US investigating team (GI's?) in Kyoto in 1946. Her (Setsuko's) recollection at that time, 'The war is over and it brings me to be able to enjoy free, cultural activity. I think it's natural to devote myself to my suitable occupation and feel it as if I removed a blindfold in a world where women were released freely. I get infinite pleasures to have my hope of living as an actress and this causes my confidence about being an actress in my life.'

Late Spring (1949)

Late Spring (1949)

Meshi (Repast) (1951)

Early Summer (1951)

Film review of Tokyo Story (1953)
Music from Tokyo Story
Late Autumn (1960)

Setsuko Hara Tribute - "The most beautiful smile in the history of cinema"
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  1. there was another smile: that of the legendary Li Xianglan. Please see and see what you think of her.
    The two of them were friends and born in the same year. Cheers!
    John M.