Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Frog Princess - A Russian Fairy Tale

Many years ago a tsar had three sons. When they came of age he sent for them and said:
"My sons, before I am too old I want you to marry, and I would like to see my grandchildren."
The sons replied:
"In that case, father, give us your blessing. But whom are we to marry?"
"My sons," the tsar said, "take your bows, go out into the open field, and shoot an arrow. Wherever it falls, there you will find your wife."
    The sons bowed to their father, took their bows, went into the fields, drew them and shot their arrows. The eldest son's arrow fell into a nobleman's courtyard, where it was picked up by his daughter. The second son's arrow fell into a merchant's courtyard, and it was picked up by his daughter. But the arrow shot by the youngest son, Prince Ivan, rose so high and flew so far that he didn't know where to look for it. So he started to walk, and at last he came to a marsh. In the marsh he saw a frog with his arrow in its mouth. He said to the frog:
"Frog, give me back my arrow."
But the frog replied:
"Then take me for your wife."
"Oh, come now," the prince said, "how can I have a frog as my wife?"
"But you must, for it is the tsar's will." First the prince tried to avoid it, but eventually he had to accept his fate and carry the frog home. 
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