Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Five by Eliane Elias

Eliane Elias

Kissed by Nature (a remix performed with the group Bossacucanova) 

We're So Good

We're so good

Want you..need you
Love you..miss you
Met you knew that
Love was only a step away
A fragile moment
Oh but it's here to stay
And we both know it

Come in..kiss me
Can't resist me
Leave me smiling
Knowing all that we have today
We keep tomorrow
And if I walk away
You'll always follow

Knowing what we have's so right
And we couldn't end this no way
Even if we tried
We're so good
Old enough to know our minds
All that crazy stupid heartbreak
Leaving it behind
We're so good

On our pillow
Wakes us..takes us
Somewhere never deny ourselves
I turn to touch you
I'll never be someone else
I forever kiss you

Your lips
Your eyes..falling
Help me I never believed that God
Would hear me calling as if it's not enough
We keep on falling

I know that I am
Never gonna leave you
I know that I am
Always gonna need you 

So Nice (Samba Verao)

Bananeria (Banana Tree)

The Way You Look Tonight (Live)

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