Friday, April 6, 2012

Lumiere Brothers - First Films

Auguste and Louis Lumiere

"The cinema is an invention without a future." - Louis Lumiere

Arrival of A Train At La Ciotat

"But then something suddenly clicks, everything disappears, and there on the screen a railroad train appears. It speeds like an arrow directly towards you - watch out! It looks as if it is making a beeline for the darkness in which you are sitting, and is going to turn you into a tattered bag of skin, filled with crushed flesh and ground bones, and turn the cinema hall into rubble and ashes and destroy this house that is full of wine, women, music and vice." - Maxim Gorki, on the occasion of the first public demonstration of the cinematographe in Russia.

The Little Girl and Her Cat

Snowball Fight

Street Dancers

Babies Quarrel

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