Friday, June 15, 2012

Selected Brut/Outsider Art

Jean Dubuffet
The cow with a subtitle nose

George Widener

Megalopolis 7


Jim Bloom
Spilled Milk

The Undesirables

Change Your Own Toner Laura

Maddening Crowd

Lisa's Sweater

Comcast Cares (Are You Holding)

Laura Craig McNellis

Untitled (White Sweater with Pink Flowers)

Untitled (Blue Tank Top)

Untitled (Honey Pot)

Untitled (Black Coat with Pink Accents)

Untitled (Green Camouflage Coat)

Poster for the Out of the Closet Exhibit

Adolf Wolfli

Aloise Corbaz
(without title)

(without title)

(without title)

Timothy Wehrle
Different car same sweet dream

Men's Menstrual Cycle

The Believable Households

Melody for the Pugs (detail)

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